Richard Roberts   

Richard Roberts

Senior Solutions Consultant
at Zycus

Supplier engagement is one of the biggest challenges of modern procurement. No matter the industry, areas like supplier onboarding, evaluation and risk management have a critical role in the success of a company.

In this webinar, we want to show you how maintaining supplier relationships can be made easy with a procurement automation system such as Zycus. Join Richard Roberts, Senior Solutions Consultant at Zycus for solution deep-dive followed by Q&A to know:

  • How it looks like to have digital transformation in supplier management processes
  • Procurement strategies for supplier risk management
  • How to define, measure & analyze supplier performance
  • How to ease out the supplier onboarding process
  • Setting up KPIs/scorecards to track and evaluate your suppliers

Who should attend: This webinar is for any procurement professionals who are looking to improve their interactions with their suppliers and build successful supplier relationships.