Mark Brousseau   

Mark Brousseau

President at Brosseau & Associates

The operational and strategic benefits of accounts payable automation are compelling. The benefits can be realized at the maximum level when backed by an effective plan for implementing the technology, managing change, and tracking results. Concerns about system implementation, change management, performance tracking and lack of knowledge about process management are some of the major reasons some accounts payable departments do not automate their manual processes despite the errors and inefficiencies. Conversely, some accounts payable departments rush blindly into poorly planned technology implementations and never achieve maximum return on investment. This webinar will lay out a foolproof plan that ensures smooth system implementation, seamless change management, and optimum results so that transition from manual to automation technology is smooth for your company.

Key Learnings:

  • The latest IOFM benchmarks on the benefits of AP automation
  • The pitfalls of a poorly planned AP automation implementation
  • A step-by-step strategy for effectively implementing AP automation systems including managing integration with current systems
  • Managing change and winning over front-line staff and other stakeholders
  • Defining indicative timelines for achieving positive results from automation technology