Jon Hansen   

Richard Waugh

VP, Corporate Development, Zycus Inc.

Jon Hansen   

Karthik Sambasivam

Program Director, Global Delivery, Zycus Inc.


As a market-leading provider of Source-to-Pay (S2P) technology, Zycus Partner Connect Program is designed to create the winning formula that enables clients to implement successful Digital Transformation strategies for Source-to-Pay processes. The winning formula achieves superior client results, e.g. 1+1=3, by combining Zycus’ State-of-Art S2P software platform with Expert Partner Implementation Consulting resources.

This webinar will provide potential Zycus partners with insights to:

  • Zycus S2P software capabilities and key differentiators
  • Client cases studies and partner success stories
  • Zycus Partner Connect engagement model and support resources
  • Next steps towards exploring the potential of aligning with Zycus for mutual success

P.S: Share the registration link with your colleagues and seniors if you think they should attend it too!