Shibu Nair   

Shibu Nair

CPSM, Director of America’s Solution Consultants


AP teams world over, irrespective of their industries have been traditionally bogged down by manual tasks like managing invoices through multiple sources, manual data entry which maybe riddled with errors, answering queries from various suppliers and getting timely approvals on invoices etc.

However, with the advancements of AI, RPA and Machine learning algorithms, AP teams can take a breather and finally focus on those much awaited strategic tasks. This Demo connect session of BOTs from Merlin A.I. Suite namely; the AP Inbox Manager Bot, Invoice Reader Bot, and Cost Allocation Bot will demonstrate how AP professionals can expedite gruelling processes with minimal human intervention, hence, drastically reducing human errors. The BOTs also ensure faster and continuous improvement of processes through machine-learning and by managing a large variety of processes.

Key takeaways from this 30 Minute session include:

  • Gain insights into Zycus Merlin AI Suite: our venture into the AI, ML & RPA space
  • Demonstration of real-world BOTs; AP Inbox Manager Bot, Invoice Reader Bot, and Cost-Allocation Bot
  • Key Business Metrics and Benefits