Bikash Mohanty  

Bikash Mohanty

Director-Product Management at Zycus


Technology innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are the catalysts for Digital Transformation of the Source-to-Pay process, not only helping Procurement teams streamline the process itself, but actually uncovering overlooked savings opportunities. This session will demonstrate AI powered BOTs in procurement as part of Zycus Merlin A.I. StudioTM, a comprehensive bot platform for procurement users to create, train and launch numerous bots across S2P suite.

Following are the some key takeaways audience should expect from the session:

  • Understanding of Procurement’s new role in the digital era
  • Gain insights into Zycus’ latest venture in AI, ML & RPA space
  • Demonstration of real-world BOTs using AI in procurement
  • Applying AI’s Insights to Increase Spend Under Management – and Burnish Procurement’s Brand
  • Key Business Benefits

GMQ P2P 2019