Giridhar Chakravarty

Jon Hansen

Editor and Lead Writer, Procurement Insights

Bruce Everett

Bruce Everett


Peter Woon

Peter Woon

Managing Director,
KORU Greentech


Join us on our latest webinar where industry leader Mr. Jon Hansen, along with our esteemed panelists, Mr Bruce Everett of IACCM and Mr. Peter Woon of KORU Greentech take you through how to leverage the digital technologies in the procurement function to harness the greatest value and ROI for your organization.

This webinar aims to shine light on the strategies that procurement can use as a function to drive business value in current times of turbulence including:

  1. The organization and strategic management of procurement going forward – what has changed and what remains the same
  2. The practical utilization of both existing and emerging technologies
  3. Addressing old risks and understanding new emerging risks regarding digital transformation
  4. Assuming a proactive role in technology assessment, selection, implementation, and ongoing effectiveness.


  • Introductions and opening by moderator Jon Hansen
  • Session deep dive into digitization in procurement
  • Interactive Q&A with panel of industry experts